October is Physical Therapy Month!

All month long, we are celebrating our team of Physical Therapists. At Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital, we’re lucky to have 23 certified Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants on staff to help our patients get back to their best. From inpatient post-operative therapy to outpatient sports rehabilitation, our team works with patients of all ages and fitness levels.

Our therapists also offer programs to help athletes specialize in their sports, including:

  • Perfect Pitch – consisting of injury prevention, rehabilitation, team education and mechanical analysis, this program is tailored to the demands of softball and baseball athletes. Therapists provide expert instruction and care to reduce the occurrence and re-occurrence of injury and improve overall athletic performance.
  • Optimum Stride – a running program designed specifically with runner’s needs in mind. Whether you have been running for years or are just getting started, our team of professionals will provide you with an expert assessment and treatment of your running related concerns. Our Optimum Stride team also offers monthly screenings at Scheels. Check the website for more details: neorthohospital.com/our-services/physical-therapy.
  • Golf Therapy – we’re proud to have a Titleist-certified golf therapist on our staff. Paul Murray, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, offers instruction and technique enhancement advice to golfers to help them play without pain, improve their game and avoid injury.
  • Above the Barre – this program caters to the unique needs of dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts. Therapists work with the athlete, their physician and teacher to help them get back to performing quickly and safely.
  • Sportsmetrics – these sessions are set up like a workout class rather than a therapy session. The program is designed to educate athletes on proper jumping and cutting mechanics, and to build strength in the knees to prevent injuries and enhance performance.

Outside of the clinic, our therapists participate in many community events and help organizations prepare their athletes for upcoming meets, matches and games. Featured below are some photos from these events!

Eric Smoyer received the Athletic Trainer of the Year award from the Nebraska State Athletic Trainers Association
Some of our therapists participated in the annual FORE SIDS golf tournament. This event helps raise awareness of SIDS.
Ryan Ertz leads youth softball players in their warmup waiting for the Jennie Finch softball clinic to begin.
Paul Murray is a TPI certified golf therapist and works with golfers in our Golf Therapy program.
Our Optimum Stride team makes an appearance at Peak Performance’s running happy hour!

So, whether you’re looking to get back in the game or want to explore non-surgical pain relief for joint problems, our therapists are here to help you! For more information on our programs, or to schedule an appointment, visit www.neorthohospital.com/our-services/physical-therapy.

October is Physical Therapy Month!

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