What is a Joint Pain Seminar?

patientJoint pain can affect people in a variety of ways. From knees and ankles to shoulders and elbows, this pain can be long-lasting and lead to other issues. In some cases, however, there are specialized treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, that can provide some relief.

Nebraska Orthopaedic offers Joint Pain Seminars each month to discuss these issues. These seminars are designed to educate potential patients on their options before surgery, like total knee replacement or spine procedures.

“The Joint Pain Seminars are a great way for someone to learn the history of the procedures and how they are performed,” said Dr.  Joshua Urban, an orthopaedic surgeon and monthly Joint Pain Seminar presenter at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital. “The education benefit patients receive from simply attending a class can be a helpful tool in deciding whether they are the right candidate for surgery.”

Joint Pain Seminar topics include hip, knee and shoulder pain, as well as the details of a total joint replacement, including recovery and healing time. These monthly sessions are presented by one of Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital’s highly specialized, board-certified orthopaedic surgeons. The seminars cover diagnosis and both surgical and non-surgical treatment, but classes are intended to be very informal and patients are encouraged to ask questions. A quarterly spine pain seminar was recently added to the schedule.

“Anytime you can answer questions directly from someone considering treatment is a benefit,” said Dr. Matthew Hahn, a physiatrist and spine pain specialist who will be hosting the spine pain seminars. “These seminars allow the community to learn more about their possible conditions and what options are available to them.”

To find out more about the Joint Pain Seminars or to register for an upcoming session, please visit www.neorthohospital/patient-information/joint-pain-seminar.

What is a Joint Pain Seminar?

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