A Day in a Nurse’s Shoes


Here at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital, we perform around 10,000 surgeries each year. With so many cases and procedures, it’s imperative that we provide the best experience for our patients. That’s why we employ the best surgical staff, from physicians to surgical technicians. Our surgical nurses are especially important to our team.

A typical day for a surgical nurse starts early, around 6:30 am. Shifts are either 8 or 10 hours long. Their first task of the day is to review the surgeries that will be performed that day, and prepare the operating room with proper instrumentation that will be used during surgery.

Patients are greeted in the pre-operative area, and their procedure is reviewed. Anesthesia is then administered, and the procedure can begin. Surgeries can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours. Some of the most common procedures performed at NOH besides total joint replacements are sports medicine surgeries like knee and shoulder arthroscopies and hand surgeries like carpal tunnel releases and trigger finger releases. Our staff provides a safe, secure, and efficient environment for the patient during their surgery.

After the surgery is complete, the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) is called and the patient is taken to the post-operative and recovery area. The families are also notified of the patient’s status. At this point, the operating room is cleaned and reset for the next patient.

“One of the best things about being a nurse here is helping people and making a difference in their lives at such a vulnerable time,” says Joanie Hoffart, Operating Room Lead Nurse. “Our primary concern is always the safety of the patient and we have great communication and teamwork that allows us to provide the best patient experience.”

To learn more about our patient experience or to schedule an appointment, visit www.neorthohospital.com.

A Day in a Nurse’s Shoes

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