Treating Bunions

What is a bunion?

A bunion occurs when the joint connecting the big toe to the foot becomes inflamed and starts to bow out from the foot. Bunions can be caused from wearing shoes that are too tight or too small. These painful deformities can happen to anyone; however, most bunion cases are seen in women who wear tight, narrow shoes like high heels.

Bunions can cause the big toe to angle in toward the foot, and sometimes deform the second and third toes as well. As the bunion progresses, bursitis and arthritis may develop, making walking and moving around painful. It’s important to prevent bunions, and treat them as soon as possible.


Prevention is key for bunions. Shoes with wide insteps, broad toe boxes and soft insoles can prevent bunions from forming. Avoid tight or sharply pointed shoes, and excessively high heels. To relieve pain on an existing bunion, consider having shoes professionally stretched or investing in protective pads.

Surgery may be necessary to ease pain when walking if the bunion has progressed too far. The procedure realigns the bones, ligaments and other areas to correct the position of the big toe. Many of these surgeries are outpatient, but recovery times are often long. Patients may experience swelling and stiffness post-surgery.

If you think you might developing a bunion, schedule an appointment today at or call (402) 609-1600.

Treating Bunions

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