Avoiding “FOOSH” Injuries

Being prepared this winter can prevent slip and fall injuries

Nebraska winters provide a perfect climate for injuries related to slips and falls. Just as predictable as the arrival of snow and ice is the significant increase in fall related injuries seen at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital. Of these incidents, a majority are classified by what are called “FOOSH” injuries.

The term “FOOSH” stands for a Fall On Outstretched Hand. It is a reflexive instinct to extend an arm when one slips and begins to fall. Unfortunately, this protective maneuver often results in an injury, most commonly a fractured wrist that many times requires surgery. While complete prevention of these accidents is impossible, the hand therapy department here at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital has several recommendations to consider in keeping you safer on your feet this winter.

  • Match your footwear to outside conditions.
  • Pay attention to the weather and be more aware of your surroundings. Assume that areas where you will be walking have not been properly treated for slick conditions. Areas of high traffic such as entrances to buildings commonly accumulate slush and standing water.
  • Slow down and plan ahead. Rushing and/or running late increases the likelihood of falls.Being prepared this winter can prevent slip and fall injuries
  • Carry less in your hands and move at a slower pace.
  • Properly treat problematic areas around your home or workspace.
  • Use common sense. In other words, think twice about wearing sandals to retrieve the newspaper on a cold, icy morning.

The physical and occupational therapists at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital specialize in treating orthopaedic injuries. Where it involves aquatic therapy, rehabilitation from a recent surgery or nagging sports injury, our therapists dedicate each day to getting you back on your feet – no matter the season.

For more information on the services provided by the Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital Physical Therapy Department, please visit www.neorthohospital.com/our-services/physical-therapy.

Avoiding “FOOSH” Injuries

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